Our mainecoons come with a health history, given at the time of purchase. They are vaccinated against Feline Rhinotracheitis & Calicivirus, Premonitis and Rabies, before leaving for their new home. They are also checked by our veterinary clinic. Our mainecoons are guaranteed FeLV&Fir free at the time of purchase. As a result of these precautionary measures, there has never been any clinical evidence of common mainecoon disease as certified by our clinic Faycan.

What We Need From You

We do need your help to ensure your new mainecoon kitten stays healthy. Things you should do: send us a copy of the examination, or medical record within 4 days of receiving your new kitten, this must be performed by a licensed Vet. Your kitten will arrive with up-to-date vaccinations, so make sure you do not give vaccinations before the date due as stated in their medical records. While we do deworm until departure, we would like you to continue proper deworming with the advice of your veterinary surgeon.

Exceptions To Our Guarantee

We can not guarantee size, weight, colour, markings, temperament, or the breeding ability of your new mainecoon. NO replacement will be given by failure to provide your mainecoon with timely medical attention or regular veterinary care. This guarantee does NOT cover costs associated with spay or neutering.

All our kittens have extensive health checks before they come to you. The health check is performed by our vet, who is required to fill out a report, which is designed to cover the mainecoon for skin, coat, eyes, mouth, teeth and gums, respiratory, ears cardiovascular, musculoskeletal. This report is filled in close to the date of collection.