Family Tree

We have kittens: Tilly and Indi, Neffi and Ollie, Fifi and Indi.

Free/Available – the kitten is still waiting for their forever family

Reserved – kitten already found his family.

Option – The kitten is reserved for our cattery, but maybe come available later.

Tilly and Indi

Tilly will follow you everywhere, and often arrives in the room before you get there, somehow. Indi has a fantastic pedigree, with his father being an Int.Ch. and many other champions through out his ancestry.


Tilly and Indi 

Neffi and Ollie, two gentle, sweet and loving personalities.

Neffi is our Egyptian Goddess, with her sultry looks. Ollie is a very loving, chilled, laidback boy, he is like a teddy bear, soft fluffy and cuddly.


Neffi and Ollie

Fifi and Indi, our adorable French girl and our cuddle boy.

Fifi is always the first to meet and greet, a little chatter box. Indi is a real gentle giant, who loves his cuddles.