All mainecoon breeders should test for the heart and hip problems. It is not compulsory but here at Kimzkoonz the health and welfare of our cats and future kittens are paramount. We not only do the routine swabs on all our cats for the HCM gene, but we have a specialised cardiologist by echocardiogram done. By doing these scans every two years we hope to reduce HCM, there is no guarantee, but with our commitment and continued testing, future kittens have the best chance of a healthy heart long term.

To get the best chance of cats/kittens with good strong hips, you should ensure that parents and grandparents are free from HD (Hip Dysplasia). Hips only need to be tested once, providing the cat is at least one year old. HD in cats can be very painful, causing limping, arthritis which can sometimes affect the cat’s mobility.

 Here at Kimzkoonz, we are committed to thorough health testing of all breeding cats.
1.  Our cats will have the heart scanned regularly by a specialised cardiologist.

2. All our cats will have their hips x rayed and assessed at 1/2 years old or before they enter our breeding program. 

3.  We will only purchase a breeding cat with good testing history from a responsible breeder who adopt this philosophy.