So, you have decided to add a mainecoon to your family. Here are some things that you should consider.

The price of the kittens are quite high and there are also many catteries, but finding “your” Kitten will still not be easy. Mainecoon breed is very popular. This wonderful feline is big, smart gentle soul and make excellent pets.

Ask yourself

In the place that you live, can you provide an indoor safe environment? Do you have enough time to spend with your cat? Because mainecoons don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. They’re social and have strong bonds with their owners, so they can be upset when their owners are absent. Do you have any experience with pets? Or any knowledge of this wonderful breed? We’re sure that pet lovers won’t give up on their kitten without first answering all theses questions.


Our kittens don’t move to their forever home until they’re three and a half months old. This is the minimum age. This time is needed for the kitten to learn everything from his mother, like eating, playing, finding a toilet etc. This is important so the kittens becomes socialised, independent loving cats and ready to face the world.  Also, this is the time that the vaccinations and health checks are completed.

Your mainecoon will fill your home with a symphony of purring, he’s also a trickster and he’ll give you little surprises. You must consider all the facts before taking on this new adventure. Is it what you and your family really want?

As for the little purr box, he’ll creep into your soul with love and gentleness before you realise it.  

If you would like to join our waiting list – please complete the questionnaire below. We are happy to accept any kitten enquiries and will answer any questions you may have.